Google I/O Event 2016 Highlights

Highlights of Google I/O

Google I/O, much awaited by every Android Fan, every Tech – Savvy person, every Geek is finally out now! It is Google’s Annual Developer Conference similar to Apple’s WWDC. Google I/O showcases every new technology that Google will be launching in that particular year. There’s a lot of expectations from Google I/O 2016.


The Google I/O Event 2016 is going to be held at the Shoreline Theatre in Mountain View. It is going to be a three day event. The Dates have been confirmed: 18 – 20 May, 2016.

Let’s see the happenings at Google I/O 2016:

1. Chrome OS and Browser

There has been a lot of discussions and rumors about the Chrome OS. With Chrome OS having tremendous problems these days, there are surely some changes going to be done in their next version of the Chrome Browser and OS.

2. Android N

One of the most awaited product is Android N. Everyone’s waiting for its complete name to be announced. The features that Android N would be having would surely of some worth and will again be a new Trend Setter. The next batch of Google Nexus phone which is expected to be released in June, will be having Android N for sure.

3. Google Glass

The Google Glass which have been a major blockbuster for Google is going to be discussed at the event. The Project Aura is associated with Google Glass 2.0.

4. Project Ara

Project Ara is again one of the most awaited product by Google. It has already been delayed for a year now. We expect that Project Ara would be discussed in great detail in Google I/O 2016.

5. Self Driven Cars

According to Google I/O 2015, Self Driven Cars were to be out by 2016. There are chances that you may get a demonstration of Self Driven Cars at the Google I/O 2016.


6. Google Play Services

The Google Play services having been banned in China have impacted a loss in Google’s China Division. This time Google is focussing on China markets. With the help of Lenovo, thereare chances that Google would be entering in the Chinese markets soon.

7. Virtual Reality

Google’s focus on Virtual Reality is increasing. With Microsoft’s new technology developments in the field of Virtual Reality for gaming purposes, Google seems to have geared up for VR. It would be really interesting to see Google Android and Virtual Reality working together.

8. Smart Home

The Smart Home concept is widely expected to be briefed in this I/O Event. Google already has ideas for Smart Home properties. In co-ordination to that, the Project Brillo will be talked about here.

9. Android Auto

The latest addition to Google Products is the Android Auto. With Hyundai merging the product in its Consumer Cars division next year, it is expected that the I/O Event will have some views on the same.

10. Project Tango

The Project Tango, a joint venture by Google and Lenovo will be discussed in great details in Google I/O 2016. A few things have already been told in the Lenovo Tech World in 2016. However, the Google I/O will considerably have number of sessions on Project Tango.


The Google Assistant and Allo Chat Application which is a Messaging Application, a competitor to FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Hike has already been discussed on Day 1 of the Google I/O Event 2016.


What Happens When An Awesome Idea Meets HTML 5?

HTML being in the development world since past two decades has become a household name for every programmer. As evolution is at its zenith, HTML5 has completely renewed the experience that  HTML renders.

Now the web has received a whole new definition and empowers the browser to make use of data and visual perspective. Though HTML 5 is still in its growing phase yet, developers have utilized it very efficiently.

HTML5 render top notch functionalities on mobile devices

As per Mobile Web Metrics Report, HTML5 can render services on mobile devices. The report said that numerous mobile devices that access web supports its functionalities.

Offline support

The Indexed Database API, AppCache, and Web storage allow the mobile app programmer to utilize the local storage of the device, and this helps the app to tackle the drops in the connection efficiently and not hamper the functioning of the app.

Offline property enables the browsers to cache the static web pages. Thus making it more reliable on HTTP response headers that are sent by HTML, multimedia as well as CSS that is needed to display a web page.

Now when everything which is required to be displayed on the screen is cached, then the speed of the web page becomes very less, however even if one item is not cached properly then the speed of the complete system goes down.

Therefore, in order to render incredible experience to your users you can make use of its offline support, for this you need to create a cache manifest file so as to specify the resource such as images, pages, and other files of offline application’s that are required to run the offline version of the app.

Talking about the technicalities, the manifest comprises of the comment which changes in tandem with the change in resources, that indicates the browser to refresh the cache of the system as well.

Top notch features it supports

Geo-location certainly falls among the most outstanding inventions of science. Some of the top features such as 2D animations, GeolocationAPI, WebStorage, CSS3 Selectors, and offline web application support, are referred regarding HTML5 across the top 15 mobile devices.

Top features that it partially supports

The concept of Extended user interaction, Misc. Element types as well as attributes, CSS3 in General, idea of extended form, along with extended video / audio support are another brilliant multimedia features that are partially supported by HTML5 features.

Game development

HTML5  has emerged as a leader when it comes to game development. This is quite a welcoming news for the game lovers as well as the game developers. Eventually, HTML5 is turning out to be a  great platform for game development, which is feistily catching up with aggressive Flash-based games that run on browsers.

HTML5 enables the developers to create apps, games powered with accelerated graphics, render HD video and a lot more functionalities just by making use of native web code.

Sand Trap, Hexgl  Entanglement, Galactic Inbox, And Bananabread are Some of the most addictive games built on HTML5. They are a quintessential example of the statement that the HTML5 is a great platform, and all you need is a great idea to make it function properly.

HTMl5 Android Wear apps

Google has unveiled Android Wear, and it has been quite some time, which is an Android OS that works on wearable devices such as Google Glass and smartwatches which are supposedly smart devices that can wear by people.

Now you might be wondering what capabilities do HTML5 has that can help the developers to render web services on these quite intriguing devices. After checking the devices, we can know that the Android wears do not come with WebView.

Now this has liberated the device as the system offers restricted environment and demand a lot of resources.

As the device is small so will be its execution speed, and this is the reason it a comprehensive web environment shows low performance. But when it comes to HTML5, the smartwatch was running smooth giving optimized Canavas+ for Android wear. This encouraged the developers as Canvas+ render amazing results.

HTML 5 when combined with Augmented Reality

Though it is a new kid on the block, augmented reality has certainly created a buzz in the web space because of the usability it renders.  Of late I came across an incredible HTML5 Augment reality flood stimulation project for Iowa Flood Center.

This means it has started, and people who are designing apps for HTML5 can also incorporate up and coming functionalities such as augmented reality.

In this project, the developer used web-based Augmented reality to stream a webcam video to be rendered in a web browser, capture marker images that are encoded and 3D models on them. The project using HTML5 technologies for interacting with the web browser in real time and cover marker images.

Wrapping Up!

HTML5 certainly has a very gleaming future and certainly has the power not just to match pace with the changing technology but to change the change the technology.

Author Bio :

Ella Cooper works in a leading web development company Offshore development company as a programmer. Apart from programming she has a penchant for writing and thus she shares her development experience through blogging.

The Need For Security Software

We live in a wondrous world full of amazing technologies. From day to day we use technological items that even just a few years ago our society wouldn’t have thought was possible to create.

Part of these advancements are in the field of computers. Every year new computers are released for use. Each year these computers contain more advanced parts and operating systems than the year before. Each operating system is designed with internal securities.

As these advancements occur there are people out there learning to manipulate the technology for their benefit. With every release of an anti virus program and/or security system those hackers have already learned how to manipulate that system and bypass its security protocols.

Many of the same manufacturers that create the security programs also manufacture the computer systems that use them. Manufactures of these programs strive to stay at least one step ahead of the hackers.

Several of the security programs offers several levels of security. These are 7 aspects that are key to have in your software: That it is easy of use.

The harder the software is to install the more chances there are that the software could be installed wrong. That it includes anti spyware.

Anti spyware helps to ensure that hackers are unable to leave programs on your computer allowing them to see what you have on there. That it includes anti virus protection. Anti virus protections keeps your computer free of computer harming viruses That it includes anti malware protection.

Anti malware keeps malware from damaging your computer while gathering sensitive information on the user. That it searches and removes trojans.

Trojans are designed to show that your computer system is virus free while actually installing viruses on your computer. That it includes internet security.

Internet security protects you as you are actively surfing the internet. You will want to ensure that the program you choose will not slow your computer done while in use. Even with the security issues, the advancements in the technology far outweigh the risks.

Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016

List of Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016


Here, we have compiled a List of Top Programming Languages To Study in IT Sector Worldwide. These Programming Languages are in Demand for Software Development and Web Development positions by IT Employers.


1. Java

Top Programming Languages To Study

Java is no doubt the Highest Language in Demand by IT Employers Worldwide.According to TIOBE Index, Java has been ranked at 1st position worldwide in 2016. Java is an Object Oriented Language, Portable, Supports Multi-Paltforms and many other numerous features. You must Learn Java Language as it is one of the top programming languages to study in 2016 and will definitely land you a very good job with handsome salary packages. It is important to Refer Good Reference Books in Java To Understand Java Language in a better manner.


2. C#

Programming Languages To Study in 2015

C# is an Object Oriented Language developed by Microsoft. C# is also known as C Sharp. It is based on C++ and actually included features from Visual Basic and C++ Programming Languages. C Sharp Language helps in developing iOS Applications including Mobile Applications.It is primarily useful for iOS Application Development. iOS Developers are one of the Highly Paid Software Developers in IT Sector. C# is definitely one of the Top Priority Programming Languages To Study in 2016 if you want to land a good job.


3. JavaScript

Programming Languages To Study

JavaScript is a Dynamic Scripting Language. It is a High-Level Scripting Language. JavaScript is probably the Top Most Demanded Languages for Web Development. JavaScript was in great demand in 2015 due to boom in E-Commerce Sector suddenly. Still, it is one of the most sought after skills in Developers.JavaScript is in High Demand by Employers in India and USA.


4. C++

Programming Languages To Learn in 2016

C++Programming Language is a General Purpose Programming Language. C++ stands at 3rd Position in the List of Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016.  Employers are hunting C++ Developers for Software Development extensively. C++ is one of the Most Demand Object Oriented Language by IT Employers Worldwide.


5. PHP

Best Programming Languages To Study

PHP is primarily a Server-Side Programming Language. PHP is generally written with HTML and CSS Codes. It is basically a Web Development Language. However, it can be used as a General Purpose Programming Language. PHP has been emerging as a high preferred language for Websites and hence its demand is growing in IT Sector. It is recommended to have a good understanding about HTML, CSS and JavaScript before you start learning PHP.


6. Python

Python is a High-Level and an Interpreted Programming/Scripting Language. Python Language is used in Software Development and Web Development. Python is highly demanded by Employers these days and the pay scale for Python Developers is quite good as compared to other programming languages.Python is more specifically a Scripting Language. In 2015, Python was the Most Wanted Programming Language. However, it has slipped down this year. But it is a must to secure a good job.


7. C

Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016

C Language is a General-Purpose and a Middle Level Programming Language. According to TIOBE, C is at ranked at 2nd Position in Year 2016. C Programming Language is considered to be the Top Most Language Skill by the IT Employers. C Language is still being used for System Software Development, Graphics Drivers Development and many other tasks. C Language helps to create a good base for other High-Level Languages. You must Refer these C Programming Books To Learn C Programming Completely.



These Programming Languages should be definitely studied by Beginners To Get a Good Job. It is important to Refer Online as well as Offline materials to get a detailed understanding of the programming concepts. These Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016 also includes other languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Perl.