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3 Best Places to Get Marketing Data to Support Your Content

3 Best Places to Get Marketing Data to Support Your Content
Written by Nikhil Saini

The marketing data is one of the most influential elements for the content to make it more convincing to the readers. You would have seen many blogs that use these kinds of data. There is a big reason to use them in the blog posts. Actually, it increases the readers’ engagement and motivates them to read the complete post. To understand the marketing data, readers are required to spend more time. Thus, the total time they spend on reading a blog post increases dramatically. Another reason is quality. You able to offer best quality posts to your blog readers. The marketing data is prepared by the several means such as the survey, market analysis, and other measures. The results of them are displayed in the form of charts, infographics and other means. If you are not incorporating the marketing data in your blog, then you should start with it to get your blog noticed by professional bloggers. There are several resources which offer rich marketing data based on real facts and gathered from the reliable sources.

I have compiled a list of 3 best places to fetch marketing data that will support your content and increases the blog post quality.

      1. Kissmetrics

When it comes to the marketing data you cannot end up without talking about Kissmetrics. Kissmetrics is the most diversified sources of marketing data. It covers the different topics on social media, conversion rate, etc. If you manage to write about social media, there are several infographics that you can refer to your content.

     2. Buffer

Buffer is one of the best sources of the marketing data. Buffer also offers a popular tool to automate the social media sharing. If you are covering any topic of social media, you should look into Buffer blog. The content producers manage to include proven marketing data to make the posts more entertaining to the readers. There are several posts on this blog that have been shared thousands of times because of visual content insertion in the posts.

     3. Marketingcharts

I would say it’s a sea of Marketing related data. You would get here lots of marketing chart to support your content. covers a wide range of topics such as social media, B2B, and B2C marketing strategies. You can check the charts here based on different categories such as Brand-Related, Demographics & Audiences, Online & Mobile, and so on. This kind of classification makes it a favorite place to have proven marketing data. You do not have to spend much time finding the relevant chart for your content. Just go to the relevant category and get one chart to include in your content. The free and paid both kinds of charts are available on this site.

These were the most relevant source of marketing data. You should always try to back your statement up with the proven data. It builds your credibility and the readers take more time to read your content. By this way, you can reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

If you know any other source that offer relevant marketing data, kindly let me know about that. I would love to add to this list.

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