is one of the fastest growing online marketplaces, which gives the facility to buyers and sellers alike to conduct their business transactions. The website is a conglomerate of qualified marketers who exhibit their products. Tradus is also known for its smooth, carefree shopping experience which is bound by a buyer’s protection policy. With more than 50 products categories and hundreds of merchants and vendors, Tradus expertise is selling products ranging from gizmos to jewellery and from apparels to automobiles. The best part, there are not intermediaries in between and you get a wholesale price on all products irrespective of the brand name. Now here are 6 reasons which enlightens why you should choose to buy from

  1. Protection to the buyer: Upon shopping at Tradus the buyers feel safe, a feeling which others websites selling products on wholesale price does not guarantee. Tradus supports all modes of payments like credit cards, net banking and also cash-on-delivery (COD). The payment is transferred to the seller only when the product has been delivered to the buyer. If for any reason there is failure in delivery, then the entire amount is refunded. Furthermore, if the buyer is still not satisfied with the product, they can return it and get their money back.

  2. Easy delivery of products: The delivery and handling operations are very smooth in Tradus. Every order can be tracked through the users account. Right from the time the product is dispatched, till the time it is delivered to the buyer, each and every step can be tracked. Tradus takes support of the leading supply chain management companies of the country in ensuring that there are no problem areas for the buyer and the process is quick and smooth.

  3. Discount coupons: Now being an online shopping site, there are many discounted tradus coupons available on net. Websites like, etc. provides coupons free of cost which can be redeemed at Tradus website to avail discount. Tradus has even got its own customer gift vouchers, which can be redeemed by exchanging your xTrabucks. It is nothing but a points system, where you earn point on every purchase you make, there are milestone at which you can exchange these xtrabucks and get a gift voucher. The more you buy the more you get.

  4. Customer satisfaction: has always believed in providing a unique shopping experience to its customers with a holistic approach. It guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with best prices on offer, an easy website handling, quick deliveries, supportive after sales team, 15 day return policy, money back guarantee, different modes of payment and free shipping. They believe in providing authentic items every time you visit their site. With genuine brands and warranties they strive to offer the best deals without sacrificing on the quality of the products.

  5. Easy availability: Tradus service centres are located in more than 16000 cities across the country. So in case of any fault you don’t need to worry as their dedicated staff will make the replacement process real easy. They are specialized in bringing the marketplace in your living rooms so that you can enjoy your shopping in the comforts of your home.

  6. Advance updates: Tradus keeps its customers, whether new or existing, engaged with all the advanced updated and news. All these news about exciting sales and offers are sent to your preferred email address where you can go through all the new deals offered by the company.

This unique composition of as a marketplace, with a vast array of products makes it convenient for customers to shop from their homes and explore all these items which a normal physical store cannot offer. Thus, making as one-stop-shop for consumers looking for different products under one roof. You can see list of top 10 online shopping sites in India here.

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