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Mi Band and YUFit; the cheapest fitness bands in market

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

Mi Band and YUFit; the cheapest fitness bands in market Too much technology has caused people to lose health. Everything that used to be done by the human is now being taken care of both machines and software. How couldn’t a person lose his/her health by not doing any physical work? Last year was all […]


What Would You Do With Night Vision in Your Phone?

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

These days cell phones are useful for a variety of things: surfing the web, texting, GPS and maps, pretty much any app you can think of, and, of course, making the occasional phone call.  But, what if you had night vision on your cell phone?  I’m not talking some cheap app you can buy and […]


Benefits of Web Design Services

By Syed Qasim / 3 years ago

  Countless online companies offer web design services. Do you even know what they can do for your websites? Here is a list of a few benefits of web design services. Professional Brand Image Professional website designer always work for generating visual formal language, attractive logo and efficient business cards upon your websites. All of […]


Tips and tricks to prevent loss of your smartphone

By katrinderes / 4 years ago

Mobile phones have long gone from being just a way to make calls when you’re not at home, or being your way of staying in touch with your associates or loved ones if you’re a traveling businessman. Having a smartphone or a similar mobile device these days is not a luxury but more of a […]


10 Amazing Features of Nokia Lumia 625

By Amit Sharma / 4 years ago

We all wish to carry a Smartphone which we can flaunt and get appreciation for. A Smartphone should look good and endow us with a powerful performance with advanced features and number of multimedia options. The one feature that we always look for in a phone is a long battery life that helps us stay […]

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