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How to get WhatsApp for PC in simple steps

By sam / 3 years ago

WhatsApp has gained the popularity since the day it was launched it the very purpose of this app was to improve the communication process or to provide a cheaper mode of communication. The two ex-employees of Yahoo Inc. who together worked about 20 years came up with idea to start a cross platform message app […]


Tips and tricks to prevent loss of your smartphone

By katrinderes / 4 years ago

Mobile phones have long gone from being just a way to make calls when you’re not at home, or being your way of staying in touch with your associates or loved ones if you’re a traveling businessman. Having a smartphone or a similar mobile device these days is not a luxury but more of a […]


Keep A Watch On Your Kids By Installing A Parental Controls Application

By Syed Qasim / 4 years ago

Soon as summer vacations come to an end, parents as well as kids start preparing for the new school year. The shopping list includes, new pencil cases, new notebooks, new stationary, new bags and… a cell phone?? Where, many parents aren’t yet prepared to face any troubles a cell phone can add to their kids’ […]


You Should Know New Possibilities of Spy Software

By katrinderes / 4 years ago

Don’t get too much worried or curious about your loved ones! No matter your loved one is cheating you, or your children have been involved in suspicious activities, today’s advanced spy software possibilities will open up new doors for the solution of your problems! Nowadays it is so easy to put an end to all […]


BBC News Application Now For Androids Too

By Syed Qasim / 4 years ago

BBC News Application Now For Androids Too BBC News is the most popular News channel in the whole world. They have over 2000 journalists. These journalists are active twenty four seven to provide you with latest and newest news. They gather imperative news from all corners of the world. BBC News app was available for […]

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