Competition for leading a digital marketing team is growing by the minute. Getting enough funds for the execution of plans and getting a considerable result from the marketing everything is challenging. Technology has opened doors for the possibilities yet has made things difficult and has raised standards and expectations from the marketing team. It becomes important to analyze the competence of your team, the ability to stay ahead of everyone, knowing the right strategy to use technology, using the funds wisely and in the right place, need for versatile and efficient technology everything needs to be in order and sufficient to grow. Along with all of the other needs and challenges, one needs to make sure they end up with the right people in their team and that they have people from all the fields to increase the productivity of their time and job. There are many challenges faced by a digital marketing team. Some of the challenges are:

Management of Your Tasks:

As a team leader, you will find yourself tangled up with multiple things running side by side. A team leader must be a good manager and should know all the skills to keep organized in your business. For that purpose, task manager apps can be very helpful. You can keep your tasks separate and manage their progress, coordinate with related people and communicate with them effectively through the apps. Find the app that suits you best, does not bother you with ads and helps you stay organized and keeps your work sorted for every project. Task managing can save you from creating a haphazard and you will know where to look up the details for a specific task.

Hiring the Right Team Members:

As a leader, you are faced with the responsibility of hiring the right people in your team. Sourcing the right people, letting go of the incompetent and finding the people you need and identifying the need of hiring a person for a specific job is very difficult. As a leader, you will need guts to let go of someone, manage the budget and recruit a person considering your given budget. Being low on budget is a problem that will be a hurdle on every step of your job. But with respect to the hiring, you may need three different people for three things that are separate jobs but you can cut down from three individuals to one and hire one person to take care of the work if the work is sort of related. Hiring someone home based will cost you less as the people working from home have a lower pay scale since their timings are flexible. If you need a very difficult job done, for which you must hire only someone highly experienced and it is going way out of your budget, hire them for a freelance project so you don’t have to stretch your budget.

Training the Team:

You have several projects and several people working on them. Not everyone in your team is capable of learning things on their own. Trainings are important as there is always something new popping up and it needs to be kept updated with. Trainings also help in getting to know if everyone is on the same page. Training sessions again, need a budget. But this is a problem that is faced by every digital marketing team. Everyday a new medium of digital marketing is out; you surely want to stay ahead of everyone so your team must be made familiar with the new ideas that are going to take place. The individuals in your team must have one skill in common; they all must be fast learners. Training is needed for many reasons. You must be aware of the talents of every individual in your team, you can find out more about them in the training sessions and delegate work according to their willingness and capabilities.

Generating Traffic to Your Content:

You must have figured this out a while ago. Generating traffic towards the content is becoming a huge challenge because of so many places and options are now available. The digital marketing teams are confused with so many new places they can’t decide which ones to focus on and invest on. For this challenge, critically analyze the choices you’ve been making and figure out if the kinds of content you are generating are people really interested in that? What do they want to see more? If your content is something that someone would pay to read something like this then you are good. Now as the standards have changed and people now prefer videos over reading stuff, most people would vote for videos instead of written content but good think is that there are still some things that can only be promoted well when they are written. So, making the content stronger and more powerful with just the right amount of stock images should work and videos every once in a while.

Managing Website:

Websites are a place people land around the clock. Imagine we are past the drawing traffic challenge and we have pretty much solved it, now there are people visiting the website and if the website is not updated and people do not find anything interesting every time they are paying a visit they will eventually stop coming back and it was already a challenge to draw traffic to your website in the first place. Digital marketers must make sure that they have an efficient team working on their website, there is new and interesting content, blog posts, engaging activities, excuses to indulge in your website and beautifully designed web pages to attract more people.

Securing Sufficient Budget:

If you are opting for marketing internationally, you require extra budget. Hire people smartly to have room for extra budget and seek ways to source budget. Apart from that, trainings and hiring too take budget so budgeting becomes most important of all.

About the Author Sheraz Khan Baloch

Sheraz Khan Baloch is a social critic and working with a dissertation writing services provider firm. He loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. He is a computer science graduate. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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