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Essential Tips to Optimize your Facebook Business Page

Essential Tips to Optimize your Facebook Business Page
Written by tinareeves

Essential Tips to Optimize your Facebook Business Page

Social media optimization has become a popular buzzword in all industries today, thanks to Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg triggered a social revolution when he began his social networking site. He has managed to engage people from all walks of life from students and artists to entrepreneurs. Using his formula to optimize interactions between people through Facebook posts, pages, shared links – audio/visual and text and blogs, businessmen of all genres have managed to attract ‘likes’ and ‘fans’ to their pages.

When I joined Facebook in 2005, it was merely to search my childhood friends, a few seniors and mentors. Prior to it, I used, a student social networking site, just for students and alumni of schools and colleges. But I found it extremely limiting since the batch mates with whom I was trying to connect, were on paid membership and I was not a paid member. Facebook was free and I was happy.

While surfing the web, I came across some business gurus who have suggested some innovative tools/tips to attract potential clients and improve business on Facebook. Here they are:

1)      Stimulating content

There are many options to keep Facebook users hooked to a brand apart from the usual ‘Like’, ‘Share’ and ‘post’. Some of them are opinion polls, video content, posting links that hold valuable information for users, attractive infographics, and statistics in the form of pie charts.

2)      Share business page links

Create personalized stories, audio-visual posts, blog posts on the organization on alternate websites and share links on your page. If more people ‘Like’ or ‘Comment’ on your links, it will ensure more client traffic to your website.

3)      Use the EdgeRank checker

Apart from the above tips, Facebook also uses the EdgeRank technique to promote news feeds of business pages. Apparently this method is an algorithm that normally decides what articles should appear in your newsfeed. EdgeRank has the ability to filter posts, increase and boost client-brand interactions, basically engage in activities to increase the page views of the client and attract clientiele through some external websites. So make sure you upload photos with eye-catching graphics, one-liner texts and use opinion polls for feedback. The number of times a customer visits your page, higher the chances of your page and posts appearing on the newsfeeds.

4)      Time your status updates/posts

Make sure you chalk out a schedule for your news feeds such as a specific time of the day. For instance if you post too many updates in an hour, it could turn off a potential client.

5)      Tagging business pages in posts

On Facebook, when you tag anyone, there is an option to make it ‘public’. This way it makes it easier to get noticed in business circles.

6)      Include a Vanity URL

Potential clients and customers could include their username in the domain name to promote their respective products or brands.

Facebook has come a long way from just being a friendly social networking site to promoting business. Almost all organizations have a page registered on Facebook. I am amazed to see how millions of users every day create pages, profiles, ads and virtually lead a parallel existence in cyberspace. The website connects users from seven continents, who may be virtual strangers to each other but still expand business networks despite language barriers.

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