Free files sharing sites list and benefits of use

Free files sharing sites list and benefits of use

Do you remember the first time you tried to send a video file of 4G as an attachment in the email? If you have done so then you must have also understood that it is very difficult to do so. The attachments get rejected due to the limit. Downloading and uploading heavy files is arbitrarily slow thus making the entire process clumsy and slow.

Now the old days have gone. It has become very easy to share hefty files for free. Some web hosting services have come up now which help in distributing files to your collaborators and co-workers and thereby you could also copy a file or burn a disc to a USB drive. In this below mentioned post, 10 file hosting services are mentioned which help you in distributing files via emails or links. The first four ( YouSendIt, ShareFile, RapidShare and MediaFire) are dedicated to hosting and sending bigger files in corporate context and the rest of the six are general. They can also be used for storing personal files that have an adjunct feature and mass distribution. These are Sugarsync, Skydrive, Minus, Google drive, Dropbox and Box. These services allow downloading links, uploading files, easy distribution, sending emails and a lot more. You can find document sharing sites list also.

Uploading files with heavy PDF documents, TIFF images, JPG images, using a good internet connection can make it all possible now. Sharing files is no more a hassle. With the following mentioned websites, it has become much easier to share files in free.

Cloud storage services are currently there which are preceded by file sharing services. The main aim of these is to allow uploading and downloading hefty files easily via emails and links. These services are focused more on sharing larger files.

Corporate context free file sharing sites list

  1. MediaFire
    It is useful in distributing files under 200MB each. Uploaded files are scanned under Bitdefender which is an antivirus engine. Common documents are previewed directly on the website via Flash-based previewer. Distributing files includes emailing and sending file links to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. This can be done through programs like vCards, Plaxo, Outlook and more. You get a desktop application of Mediafire. You can quickly upload files in the drag and drop target provided.
  2. RapidShare
    Although this product has some limitations, but they are restricted to file retention and download bandwidth. But storing files has no limits. You can easily save big files and save distribute them to broad audience. A desktop app is available. You do not have to visit the website again and again. Just run the manager app on java, install it manually as an administrator. Just by right click you can upload files easily.
  1. ShareFile
    It clearly aims corporate customers not consumers. 10GB files can be accessed. It can be done through outlook plugins and desktop widgets. Automatic expiration period can be easily assigned. The application on windows desktop is Adobe air written. It does not have inbuilt amenities like right click menu but in contrast to this it gives you an option generating links and then to download them for every folder or file. Additionally mass mailings for distribution lists can be made from Excel spreadsheet.
  1. YouSendIt
    It has the lowest tier and is rather constrained. Even though it provides perks like outlook plugins, but higher tiers aim clearly at business users. It also gives add-ons such as active directory integration. You can send files via Yousendit. The files expire automatically in some period of time say 30 days. If you want to keep the same then make sure you mark those files as important. This site has good preview system. It is used for all common types of files. Now this can also be used on mobile.

General storage and free file sharing sites list

These are basically for backing up of files, distributing files and storing files. They all have file storage services and file sharing capabilities.

  1. Box
    It is a free file management version that exclusively uses web interface. You will have to individually drag and drop the files so that they can be uploaded. If entire hierarchy of files has to be uploaded then for this Java-based bulk uploader is there. For items that are recently updated, a list of links is maintained. With the help of these threads could be made for files and folders. These files can also be distributed publically through email and social media.
  1. Dropbox
    It is the first service provider that offers seamless storage and uploads through client’s software. It automatically syncs your files. Sharing admin functions and other links are also automatically synced. You can get them directly linked from the predefined lists. But for all this encoding of web-pages as ASCII straightly has to be rendered correctly.
  2. Google Drive

It is similar to SkyDrive and Dropbox. It creates files into folders that could be synced automatically. You can share files through Drive’s web interface. Here desktop client is not a matter of concern. Contacts on Google are easily linked and files can be easily sent to those clients. All the docs are compatible.

  1. Minus
    This service is still evolving. It allows signing up via Twitter and Facebook through extensions like Firefox and Chrome. It gives fast speed in uploading content and images. Apart from this some features of Minus are geared up towards social media like Pinterest and Tumblr. It is a handy function.
  1. One Drive
    It belongs to the family of Microsoft live. It serves clients like Mac and Windows. Drag and drop uploading id supported by the web page. All the Microsoft files formats are compatible thus making file distribution easy.
  1. SugarSync

It is a competitor of Box and Dropbox. This model has complex usage. You can easily sync your files and folders form computer to cloud. Magic briefcase is created which can sync all the registered devices of the user.


So, now you can easily share your files for free simply by using the above-mentioned apps. There is hardly any restriction on storage, uploading or distributing. For sharing heavy files in free, you must use these. You will get to know more about these if you start using them. It is very simple and real. Now use best of the services available to you.

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