Highlights of Google I/O

Google I/O, much awaited by every Android Fan, every Tech – Savvy person, every Geek is finally out now! It is Google’s Annual Developer Conference similar to Apple’s WWDC. Google I/O showcases every new technology that Google will be launching in that particular year. There’s a lot of expectations from Google I/O 2016.


The Google I/O Event 2016 is going to be held at the Shoreline Theatre in Mountain View. It is going to be a three day event. The Dates have been confirmed: 18 – 20 May, 2016.

Let’s see the happenings at Google I/O 2016:

1. Chrome OS and Browser

There has been a lot of discussions and rumors about the Chrome OS. With Chrome OS having tremendous problems these days, there are surely some changes going to be done in their next version of the Chrome Browser and OS.

2. Android N

One of the most awaited product is Android N. Everyone’s waiting for its complete name to be announced. The features that Android N would be having would surely of some worth and will again be a new Trend Setter. The next batch of Google Nexus phone which is expected to be released in June, will be having Android N for sure.

3. Google Glass

The Google Glass which have been a major blockbuster for Google is going to be discussed at the event. The Project Aura is associated with Google Glass 2.0.

4. Project Ara

Project Ara is again one of the most awaited product by Google. It has already been delayed for a year now. We expect that Project Ara would be discussed in great detail in Google I/O 2016.

5. Self Driven Cars

According to Google I/O 2015, Self Driven Cars were to be out by 2016. There are chances that you may get a demonstration of Self Driven Cars at the Google I/O 2016.


6. Google Play Services

The Google Play services having been banned in China have impacted a loss in Google’s China Division. This time Google is focussing on China markets. With the help of Lenovo, thereare chances that Google would be entering in the Chinese markets soon.

7. Virtual Reality

Google’s focus on Virtual Reality is increasing. With Microsoft’s new technology developments in the field of Virtual Reality for gaming purposes, Google seems to have geared up for VR. It would be really interesting to see Google Android and Virtual Reality working together.

8. Smart Home

The Smart Home concept is widely expected to be briefed in this I/O Event. Google already has ideas for Smart Home properties. In co-ordination to that, the Project Brillo will be talked about here.

9. Android Auto

The latest addition to Google Products is the Android Auto. With Hyundai merging the product in its Consumer Cars division next year, it is expected that the I/O Event will have some views on the same.

10. Project Tango

The Project Tango, a joint venture by Google and Lenovo will be discussed in great details in Google I/O 2016. A few things have already been told in the Lenovo Tech World in 2016. However, the Google I/O will considerably have number of sessions on Project Tango.


The Google Assistant and Allo Chat Application which is a Messaging Application, a competitor to FB Messenger, WhatsApp and Hike has already been discussed on Day 1 of the Google I/O Event 2016.


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