How To Do SEO For Local Business – 2018 (updated)

Here, I have described some great techniques to Increase Rankings and Visibility of any Business on Search Engines. It is important to do SEO For Local Business to target its Customer online due to increased competition. All of this is a part of Digital Marketing. It is important for any Business to approach Internet users of its Target Location.

Remember: “If you’re Business is not on the Internet, then you will be out of Business very soon.” – Bill Gates

1. Local Business Listing

If the Business is operating in a particular location such as a cities, districts (Pune, Mumbai, Delhi) it is considered as a Local Business. Business Listing Platforms are the ones that lists Business on their sites.

Whenever, a user searches for any business or any product that the Business offers, he/she gets the Business name listed in the Search Results.

It is important for the Business to be Listed on Multiple Business Listing platforms. It helps to increase the Rankings of the Business on the Search Engines.

There are many Local Business Listing Sites such as:

1. Google Business
2. Bing Places
3. FourSquare
4. Yelp
5. OLX
6. Quikr
7. Yahoo Listings
8. Facebook(Promotions, Pages, Advertisements)
9. Yellow Pages

Apart from these, there are many other Free Services (Websites) that take in Business Listing. Try to spread awareness about the Business on as many platforms as possible. Find more local free business listing sites India here.

Remember: SEO Strategies Takes Time! Its not a One-Night Game Plan!

2. Google AdWords

There are many platforms where you can advertise your business. It is important to capture your potential clients from different Websites, Social Media Platforms. Google AdWords helps to Advertise your Business on the Search Engine Results; on different relative websites, etc.

However, it is a Paid Ads Campaign but provides Excellent Business Leads if optimized properly.

3. Business Reviews


After you have done Business Listing process, it is important that you get Reviews on the same Business Listing. Reviews are important because they help in leveraging the Site Ranking further.

Note: All the Reviews should be Genuine and done from different accounts.

It is important to ensure that the Reviews are from Different Systems (Different IP Address). If you try and give reviews from the same Laptop/Desktop, your Reviews will be considered as Spam and therefore, your Search Engine Rankings for that particular Business or Keyword will get a downfall.

There can be two types of Reviews:

1. Negative Reviews
2. Positive Reviews

It is important that every Business Listing should have Positive as well as Negative Reviews. If all the reviews are Positive, it will look suspicious to the Search Engines which will lead to decrease in Rankings. Apart from these, you can even provide Reviews on different Social Networking sites such as Facebook Pages and Google Plus Profiles.


A Website Owner had approached a Freelancer to post Fake Reviews on its Google Plus Profiles, Facebook Profiles and several other accounts. He generated so many reviews within a short span of time that the Search Engines caught the Spam activity.


4.Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing is one of the Best Tools to direct the potential clients on your Business Website or even if its a Local Store.

We all know that Social Media is very powerful to get Customers for any Business. However, people often tend to target only Top Most Social Sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn and few others.

Facebook Advertisements if Optimized properly can help a lot to attract customers.

We should ensure that our Business Company is listed on each and every related Social Media Companies. No Social Media profile is small or big. Obviously, less popular Social Media profiles won’t be much useful in directing potential clients to the Business, but it will help to List the Business on multiple platforms which will get good amount of Exposure to the Internet. The more the publicity you do on different websites, better would be the Search Engine Rankings.

5. Develop YouTube Videos


People are really interested in watching Videos that provide Information about the Business. The primary reason that attracts people towards Videos is that Reading takes up more time and understanding Videos therefore becomes easier for people to interpret.

Also, Video Content gets easily shared across multiple platforms and profiles. All you need is to ensure that Video provides Informative Content and is attractive enough to persuade the Potential Customer to watch the Video till the End.

6. Email Marketing


Emails are an important source of generating Leads for your Business. Although many people ignore the Promotional Emails.

But still there are some chances that people will open your Mail if you provide them some value. If you have a good Brand value, people will definitely open your mail and go through the content.

There are many companies that provides Email Ids according to Target Area, Demographics, User Preferences and other parameters.

7. Target Phone Numbers


Similar to Email Marketing, you can now reach your potential clients directly on their Mobile Phones. There are Bulk Messaging Packages available which help you to reach out to Clients directly and have better Leads generation.

Above mentioned were some of the techniques that you can follow to get Convert your Potential Customers into Permanent Clients. These techniques to do SEO For Local Business is a very vast Digital Marketing Concept. There are so many new things coming up daily. Stay Tuned to get more information about it.

8 – Use classified Ad posting sites

Using top classified web sites for posting ads also generate huge local business and good client base also So you should regularly post on both free and paid websites also this not only give local referral traffic but it gives good back links also.

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Hello Friends, I am Amit Sharma and I am running this blog to share my learning based on my experiments in digital media. India is having many great bloggers who are working in the same domain and they have always been my inspiration.

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