Mi Band and YUFit; the cheapest fitness bands in market

Too much technology has caused people to lose health. Everything that used to be done by the human is now being taken care of both machines and software. How couldn’t a person lose his/her health by not doing any physical work? Last year was all about fitness and many manufacturers came up with wearable multi-purpose fitness trackers. The only factor that made people don’t buy these gadgets is that it costs as much as a smartphone. The Mi Band from Xiaomi and the YUFit from Micromax are two of the cheapest fitness Bands in the market. So, which one to buy? I’m sure you will find out after reading this.

  1. Mi Band


Xiaomi impressed us once again with the Mi Band. The Mi Band that costs only Rs 999 is truly affordable for any tech enthusiast and people are ready to give it a try because of its low price.

Unlike many other fitness Bands, Mi Band does not have a display; instead, three LED lights are provided which may glow in blue, green, orange or red. The Mi Band is controlled using the Mi Fit app which is available on both android and iOS. Various information regarding how much distance you travelled by foot and how much calories you burnt. It even records your sleep cycles telling you the exact amount of time you spent on sleeping. The Mi Fit app can manipulate this data and make suggestions that can improve your health.

Now, let’s get to the design aspects. The absence of the display unit makes the Mi Band a sleek accessory for your wrist. It doesn’t feel bulky. It is of the dimensions 14 x 36 x 9mm and weights around 5 grams. The Band doesn’t look or feel cheap because the materials used are aluminium alloy core and hypoallergenic silicone Band. Having that said, the Mi Band definitely is a sleek and light gadget that you can wrap around your wrist without any hesitation.

Apart from being a fitness tracking device, the Mi Band offers quite a lot more features for making your life easier. If you have your Mi Band wrapped around your wrist, you may not need to enter the password or draw the pattern to unlock your phone. You can simply unlock your phone with a swipe if you have linked your Band to your phone. It will also give you incoming call alerts. It is very useful when your phone is in silent mode in your pocket. The Mi Band boasts of a battery life of 30 days

  1. YUFit


Following the footsteps of the xiaomi Mi Band, Micromax has unveiled their own fitness Band the YUFit priced same as of Mi Band, for Rs999. What puts YUFit ahead of Mi Band is the small OLED display that is provided on the Band. It can track you steps, sleep cycle and distance travelled. All these information are directly available on the small display of the YUFit Band. When connected to the Healthify me app via Bluetooth, it will give you a full summary of your fitness data. The app is available for both android and iPhone. It not only calculates the calories burnt, but also helps to calculate the calories you have consumed with a database containing Dishes from various parts of India. There are a number of coaches available through the healthify me service to keep you motivated. They will give personal instructions according to your fitness data.

The screen is simply elegant on the YUFit. It also serves the purpose of a watch by showing you the current time, while the Mi Band doesn’t. A simple tap on the screen will switch between different modes of the device. Micromax still hasn’t revealed any information regarding the battery life. But it is likely to be behind the Mi Band since the display will consume more power.

Another important feature of the YUFit is that it removes the frustration of searching for your smartphone when you have misplaced it. The YUFit Band has an extremely useful button called “find my phone” which allows you to find your phone with a simple press of a button. You can even set alarms on your phone right from your fitness Band.

The Verdict

For the price, both Mi Band and YUFit are exceptional. On the tech side, YUFit, by having an OLED display, is one or two steps ahead of the MI Band. The Mi Band exhibits extra ordinary craftsmanship whereas YUFit is not up to the mark. YUFit may have the best features, but I’d still go with the Mi Band.


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