Node.js CMS frameworks worth exploring as a web developer

Node.js CMS frameworks worth exploring as a web developer

After having succeeded as a brilliant platform used for building highly scalable network applications, Node.js is there to offer you a wide range of frameworks that can serve as excellent sources for meeting varied purposes of web development professionals. Well, just like the very popular WordPress CMS(Content Management System), even Node.js CMS frameworks have proved to be exceptional when it comes to developing content-rich websites and web applications. With the Node.js community increasing at a rapid pace, there has been a considerable increase in the user base of Node.js CMS frameworks. This is a post which will make you familiar with some of the leading Node.js CMS frameworks which have been incredibly used for developing a variety of websites catering to different needs of different audiences.

Is WordPress dominating the CMS market?


With an approximate share of over 60% out of all the websites which are using CMS, WordPress is undoubtedly regarded as one of the best Content Management Systems used by website builders residing in different parts of the world. Built on PHP, WordPress comes with an amazing plugin system with numerous plugins that can allow you to extend the existing functionality of your website. One of the greatest advantages of using WordPress is that it can be used by anybody and not just the programmers.

Now, coming to the varied Node.js CMS frameworks/platforms used for building top-notch websites

  1. Calipso


As a simple content management system based on the Node.js server, Calipso has been built along similar CMS’s like WordPress and Drupal. Plus, it has been designed to be utmost simple, fast and flexible. Considering the asychronous nature of Node.js, web developers have thought about building Calipso- a Content Management System that’s built of modules and can easily execute asynchronously in a non-blocking format.

  1. PencilBlue


PencilBlue is yet another brilliant Node.js CMS framework that you’ve been waiting for. If you’re planning to build content driven websites that don’t compromise in their versatility, then PencilBlue is the framework you can’t afford to miss. Some of the most impressive features of this Node.js framework include: easy to use, fully responsive, 100% scaleable, totally extendable, not just for blogs etc. Quick and easy installation coupled with full documentation make PencilBlue one of the most outstanding Node.js frameworks for web developers.

  1. Ghost


A lot more than a plain blogging system, Ghost is a simple, powerful publishing platform that allows you to create beautiful, independent online publication which can further be customized to suit your needs and also your brand. Created almost entirely by volunteers, Ghost is an open source software project which is free to use, free to share, free to modify and free to redistribute. That means, you can do almost everything with the software, without the need for attaining any legal permission. You can make the most of the Ghost Open Marketplace where you can find a large directory of apps, themes and resources which have been specially created for Ghost users.

  1. Reaction Commerce


As an open source Node.js e-commerce platform built with Meteor, Reaction Commerce can be used for building brilliant e-commerce websites equipped with absolutely stunning features and functionality. Regarded as the very first JavaScript e-commerce platform that provides real time merchandising, live monitoring of conversions, real time pricing and promotions etc. Reaction Commerce has a lot in store for e-commerce website owners. The framework’s reactive, event-driven technology allows you to observe and keep a good track of what the visitors are doing on your website. Moreover, you are also free to make any real time changes for optimizing your overall sales.

  1. Cody


As a completely user-friendly CMS framework like the very popular WordPress, Sharepoint, Drupal and DotNetNuke, Cody is a Node.js framework written from ground up in Javascript. As a fully open source CMS framework, you can copy Cody, read the code and modify the same in whatever way you want. There’s no need to worry about any fee or a license price. The open source model entails better quality, greater security and a more easily integrated software. Some other remarkable features associated with Cody framework include: transparency, diversity, collaboration and rapid prototyping.

  1. KeystoneJS


As a yet other open source CMS framework for web developers, KeystoneJS has been efficiently used for building database-driven websites or APIs. With KeystoneJS, you just have to add and configure a single data-model and you can receive an automatically generated admin interface for performing CRUS(create, read, update, delete) operations. This makes the web development task simple and pretty fast. With clients including some of the industry biggies like Sony, Continental etc., KeystoneJS has become the second most popular CMS that’s been built on Node.js.

Wrapping Up

Serving as the most easiest way of building database-driven websites, applications and APIs in Node.js, the aforementioned CMS frameworks are a must-use for every web developer who’s thinking about serving its clients in the most brilliant way.



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