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Hybrid Tweaks is one of the new and upcoming blogs in the blogosphere. We here, write on various topics related to SEO. BLOGGING, EDUCATION, HEALTH, WORDPRESS, TECH etc.We would appreciate if people having a good writing talent would write for us. It will help you to get recognition. You can write for us as a guest author. We will give a credit to you at the end of the post. You can include up to two backlinks in the post body.

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How will Backlinks Help you?

Backlinks are those links that would refer your site from our site. This would divert a lot of audiences that comes to this website to your website. We will give you enough exposure. Backlinks are important for SEO.

We only accept quality articles that are well written pertaining to a wide range of topics related to  Hybrid Tweaks

We don’t have any complex or tough guidelines and eligibility criterion.

You will get lots of exposure when you submit your guest post at Hybrid Tweaks. This include backlink + traffic + recognition + Money.   We will give you and  your post enough exposure.

The Guidelines

  • Article Quality: Article should be minimum 750 words. We accept under 750 words when the article is good and full SEO optimised. Incomplete words are not acceptable when you draft the article please check once again.
  • Self Promotion: We already add you profile info with your post so please don’t add anything like paid service and all.
  • Images and Video: Images and Videos say’s thousands of words so please add relevant images and videos with your post.
  • Comment: Comments are more important for any blog so when your article is published please answer all of you commentators.

We usually accepted a Post within 10 days of Submission because we get  more than 10 post in our WordPress account so please be patient. We will also email you post is accepted or reject.

If you are Familiar with WordPress, how to submit a post on WordPress so you can post directly in WordPress account by registering. If you are not familiar with WordPress, you can Email us on in the format of WordPress or you prefer. Submit your post on Dashboard for Fast approval, and if you want to discuss any topic about any problem on WordPress please contact me above link.

Should you have any problem then you can contact us and we would revert back.

So why wait? Start posting to get free SEO!


  • Regarding guest posting on your site


    I’m a guest posting broker and I’m

    interested in quality blog submissions.

    I know that your site accepts guest

    posts, so I wanted to get in touch with

    you directly. I have a client base that

    will be interested in sponsored posts on

    your site and I’m hoping to get a

    partnership beneficial to both sides. If

    you don’t mind me asking a few quick


    * First of all, is this your personal

    site or is this a Private Blog Network


    * If it’s your personal blog, how much

    do you charge per guest post (submission


    * If it’s a PBN, can you send me the

    excel sheet for it?

    Looking forward to getting a response

    from you.

    Kind Regards

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