We live in a wondrous world full of amazing technologies. From day to day we use technological items that even just a few years ago our society wouldn’t have thought was possible to create.

Part of these advancements are in the field of computers. Every year new computers are released for use. Each year these computers contain more advanced parts and operating systems than the year before. Each operating system is designed with internal securities.

As these advancements occur there are people out there learning to manipulate the technology for their benefit. With every release of an anti virus program and/or security system those hackers have already learned how to manipulate that system and bypass its security protocols.

Many of the same manufacturers that create the security programs also manufacture the computer systems that use them. Manufactures of these programs strive to stay at least one step ahead of the hackers.

Several of the security programs offers several levels of security. These are 7 aspects that are key to have in your software: That it is easy of use.

The harder the software is to install the more chances there are that the software could be installed wrong. That it includes anti spyware.

Anti spyware helps to ensure that hackers are unable to leave programs on your computer allowing them to see what you have on there. That it includes anti virus protection. Anti virus protections keeps your computer free of computer harming viruses That it includes anti malware protection.

Anti malware keeps malware from damaging your computer while gathering sensitive information on the user. That it searches and removes trojans.

Trojans are designed to show that your computer system is virus free while actually installing viruses on your computer. That it includes internet security.

Internet security protects you as you are actively surfing the internet. You will want to ensure that the program you choose will not slow your computer done while in use. Even with the security issues, the advancements in the technology far outweigh the risks.

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Hello Friends, I am Amit Sharma and I am running this blog to share my learning based on my experiments in digital media. India is having many great bloggers who are working in the same domain and they have always been my inspiration.

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