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Tips and tricks to prevent loss of your smartphone

Mobile phones have long gone from being just a way to make calls when you’re not at home, or being your way of staying in touch with your associates or loved ones if you’re a traveling businessman. Having a smartphone or a similar mobile device these days is not a luxury but more of a necessity since they can help you organize all aspects of your life and let you carry all your personal and business information wherever you are.

Smartphones have become state of the art pieces of technology with high definition touch screens, sophisticated user interfaces and high tech hardware that allows you instant internet access and GPS tracking. This is way most of them are very expensive and even if you got one for cheap thanks to your carrier’s discount you will see the true value of your smartphone only if you lose one.

You applications and media will probably be backed up so you can always retrieve it in case of a phone loss, but you might forever loose important messages or contacts. Not to mention the risks of your personal or company information getting in the wrong hands, which can lead to some serious consequences and in some cases you might even lose your job. To prevent such cases you can download and install spy software like mSpy.

And even if you don’t find the loss of your contact or messages too serious, with all the applications these days that let you make all sorts of digital transactions which makes you store your personal and credit cards information on the phone, losing a smartphone could be much more expensive in the future than just the cost of the device itself.

Latest studies have shown that more than 10.000 phones are lost every day in an average city. Since smartphones are becoming more and more popular and are replacing older mobile phones this means that most of these lost devices are at the higher end of mobile phones price range. If we accept the fact that a part of these phones fall out of pockets or bags while the owners are occupied with something or while they are working, and another part is lost during late nights in bars and restaurants, there’s still a lot of other ways to lose your phone if you are careless. In fact as soon as you sit down somewhere or forget about your smartphone you’re at risk of losing it. So it’s important to check if your phone is where is should be as often as you can.

Here’s an example: Most parents, when they go shopping or have to do something like going to a barber and bring their kid with them, give their smartphone to the kid to play games while they’re trying out new clothes or having their hair cut. The kid will probably enjoy any kind of entertainment but as kids are easily bored he might leave the phone beside him and look for other interesting things around him. After you’re done, you might be in a hurry, grab your kid and forget about the phone you gave to him. By the time you realize the phone is missing it’s probably too late and you lost your phone forever. Why do things like this happen – mostly because people feel that these things only happen to someone else and could never happen to them. This is a mistake that can cost you a lot, so always check if your phone is beside you.

The fact that these new smartphones are so expensive is way the risk of losing your phone via theft is also very high, and replacing or protecting a stolen device could be very expensive as well.

Even if you lose your smartphone or if it’s stolen from you, replacing a device, as expensive as it might be, is not your biggest problem. The biggest problem you will face is retrieving all the data you might have stored on the phone.

That’s way is important to treat your smartphone as you would a very expensive and vulnerable personal computer, because that’s what it actually is. This means that you should regularly back up all the vulnerable data – contacts, messages and personal information like pin numbers for credit cards.

How to protect your data

First of all use some of the solutions for data backup that are developed specially for the device you use on a daily basis, like sync on iTunes for Apple devices or some of the many backup apps for Android powered phones.

After you secure you most important data you might think of using some cloud services in order to back up your personal and business documents or files you don’t use as often. You can find a lot of cloud storage solutions these days and some of the most used are Dropbox, Springpad, Skydrive and many more. Also, you can install software for tracking the phone that  helps to find lost or stolen device, for more information visit

The most important thing you should do is take more care of your smartphone and whatever you do keep your expensive phone in sight.

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