Top 10 websites to watch free movies online without downloading

Top 10 websites to watch free movies online without downloading

As the brands like Sony, Samsung starts to launch the televisions like grand LEDs, Curve HDs; you don’t have to run to the nearest movie theatre to experience the movie in a grand screen with digital surrounding sound. You just need a fast internet connection along with your television set to bring the movie theatre in your house.

If you don’t have the ample time to sit on your computer to download the movies, then don’t worry, there are lots of websites to watch free movies online without downloading it. So sit back and relax, here are the list of 10 websites on where you can enjoy the online movies without the dull work like downloading, transferring those on any storage etc. Just check your Internet connection and start watching.

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  1. Vumoo

With the availability of thousands of movies including the new releases Vumoo is a great choice to watch online free movies. The database of Vumoo is growing up day by day. Another best thing about this website is you don’t have to log in to enjoy the free movie service. There will be plenty of choices available to you as soon as you open the website, and also you can search any movies from their search panel by the name of the movie, by the name of the actors, directors or the genre of the movies.

  1. Crackle

Crackle is another great choice to watch free online movies. Through their partnership with Sony Movies, there are availability of Hundreds full length free movies of the your favorite stars. The movies are of high quality and have a few commercials in between the full-length movies.  You can see the movies without Signing up in crackle but if you can sign up you will be updated every time they are uploading a new movie. Crackle even contains some episodes of your favorite Television serials.

  1. Youtube

Today Youtube is not only the place to visit videos, trailers or the small parts of movies. It contains thousands of full length movies. Since all the movies which are available on youtube are not free but you can find a number of free movies in the youtube. So open the movies section of your favorite website youtube, select the genre of the movies you like to watch and enjoy the free movies uploaded there.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is a popular movie website to watch a thousand of free movies online. With their partnership with Miramax and Criterion Collection there are thousands of full-length movies available on this website and you can watch them again and again without spending any money. There are also availability of episodes of daily soaps and some good documentaries in this website. Normally the Standard Definition movies are available for free in this website but you have to sign up on the Premium Account of Hulu if you want to watch the HD movies. This premium account is free for the first week after registration.

  1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is another popular destination to watch your favorite movies for free.  They have over 15000 movies in their collection which includes different genres of movies like, Horror, comedy, action, romance, family-drama, Sci-Fi etc. The collection also includes web and film-school originals. For this website you need not to register in any account to watch the free movies. You just have to open the website and hit play on the movie you wish to enjoy. Another great thing about Popcornflix is with the joint venture with Screen Media, the new movies are being added all the time. So you can expect lots of latest movies in their database.


If you are looking for the most user friendly website to watch free movies then VKFLIX is simply for you. With a most user-friendly interface this website can be operated by any person even if he is not so much technologically advanced. Getting rid of the annoying commercials is also very easy in this website. This website is directly linked with VK social network. So you can get access to the movies in you I-pad, I-phone, Tablet very easily through this website.

  1. Viewstar

With its fairly large collection of movies, viewstar also allow you to see the movie trailers, celebrity news for free. You might have to tolerate some annoying commercial during the movies or videos in viewstar. The main attraction of this website is with the popular genre like action and adventure, anime, kids, thriller, Bollywood etc it offers you the movies from the genre that are not popular but great to watch. So try this website if you want to experience something unknown along with the known category. No signup is required for this website too.

  1. Watch movies Online

This is another not so old website to watch the movies online. This website allows you to find your favorite movies either by searching through their name or from the categories like Cinema Movie New Movies, A-Z movies that flashes in the top of the main page of the website. You can also find the movies through their releasing year. Several genres of movies like Action, Adventure, Animation, horror and Sci-Fi can be found here.

  1. Wolowtube

Besically a movie search engine, Walowtube is a very user friendly website where 30000 movies can be found and watched without being registered. This website is also free from any annoying commercial. Almost every movie found in this website is HD, so this website is a great place to enjoy free High Definition movies without any irruption of the commercials.

  1. cc

Last but not the least is a website with a very simple layout. Wonderfully designed website contains tons of movies from Hollywood, Bollywood and other film industries along with the details like synopsis, release date, production details etc. Just open the website to choose from the long list of the movies and watch.

So, if you are planning a stay vacation, or want to enjoy your weekend without going out of your house, you just need a good internet connection to have a weekend or stay vacation full of movies. Just plug in and make your home your personal movie theatre with your favorite movies available on these sites

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