Top 20 best Torrent sites list 2015

Best Torrent sites list 2015

Here in this below mentioned post, you will get to know about the 20 best Torrent sites list of 2015. These are:

  1. io: Bitpot in the Czech Republic is a new third party service.  The torrents are not given to you. You have to download torrents from your own private servers. You will have to transfer your large files, then log on and finally your downloading would be completed. This would be directly done to your personal computer or any other device like laptop. This is a free version which would allow you to transfer 100MB per hour. For getting a fast transfer speed you will have to subscribe on it. It is an amazing service which can be considered for taking petty risks. A small fee of 5 dollar a month has to be paid by the customer.

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  1. Torlock: This is special. Commissions are paid by the users for reporting to the community about uncovering fake torrents. This is an excellent service in this phony files world. If you download stuff regularly and are fed up of getting across fake filed and wasted downloads then try Torlock it would prove to be very beneficial for you.


  1. com: It is very busy and very visual. File information and thumbnail on this website are tremendous. This torrent site is worth a try as discovering music artists, movies is friendly browsing.


  1. cr: It is very famous amongst those who read. It has tried dam hard and has been successful in struggling with authorities thus clamping down on operations. It has gone through many domain names like .ph, .im, .so, .to and currently working with domain name .cr. for individuals who like to watch movies it is definitely a good try. The full form of this torrent is Kick ass torrent. It allows superb feedback and comment system.


  1. Boxopus: It is somewhat similar to It is also a third party cloud downloader. You will have to pay a certain amount for using this torrent. This charge varies from 1.50 dollars a week to 50 dollar in a year. Now you have to choose what should be paid. It does not work with dropbox as it has blocked boxopus. Some features are there which are very convenient. The price is quite reasonable and maximum access to various downloads is easy. It goes up to a week.


  1. com: This is for sharing file game and a longtime player. It has annoying adult advertisements and popups but at the same time offers an amazing torrent library. You can browse many things at a glance.


  1. com: It is Google technology based on Meta search engine. Like any other service related to Meta search, multiple results would be seen when searched on this torrent. It helps in retrieving locations of various files just like matchmaking services. It is quick and you will always get those torrents that are obscure and you find difficulties in getting those helps you in getting torrents from dodgy torrent sites. All the feedback by customers is positive thus makes it verified for downloading.


  1. ph: This website is basically a community with private membership. It has now new domain name It is very trusted and known as only trusted files are being downloaded form this. This has regained eminence since it has got new domain name.
  2. me: It has huge database with torrent files more than 3 million. Although its search interface is easy and simple, the cloud keyword helps in discovering interesting music artists, TV shows and interesting movies.


  1. to: It is reborn. It was shut down in the year 2013, October 17 by MPAA. After it has been resurrected it supports P2P file sharing.


  1. com: is one amongst those torrents today which has the largest database known ever. It has almost over 18 million indexed files.


  1. com: It is not a technical torrent site but is specialized in verifying torrents. It is committee of users who are very serious in confirming torrents which have titles and always update about new movie releases. After the users confirm the tiles, they copy paste those names into the search engine. You can try out as it only helps in generating genuine torrent files and avoiding fake ones.


  1. TorrentHound: It has over 4.7 million torrents. It is the torrent P2P game with largest players. It scans the searches carefully and results in only those which match up the visitors requirements. Scanning thus makes it very easy.


  1. Torrent Funk: It now supports comments thus making it one of the known torrent search site. It also supports verified tagging status. Some people prefer commenting and not tagging that is the reason commenting was supported by the torrent funk. The layout of this torrent site is pleasing, there are recommendation box on the web age which makes it very useful and helpful to the users. This has grown over time thus becoming useful day by day.
  2. to: This is used mainly in the Tonga country. It helps in Meta searching of music and movies in Spanish and English. You will defiantly come across annoying popup advertisements but the result of the searches would be superb.
  3. LimeTorrents: It looks similar to other torrents sites but is actually not. It has lists of torrents in tabular forms and porn advertisements popup in the sidebars. It is still growing its database and as more than 2 million torrents.


  1. Thunderbytes: This is small and private community. It helps in reducing false torrents. It also sponsors other torrents and gets sponsored too.


  1. FullDLS: With more than 2.5 million torrents, it is also a much known torrent site. There is cumbersome websites on the webpage but is worth clicking. If you read popular file catalogs then must be known with the fact that it is recommended by many readers and users.
  2. FM: It is small torrent library. High quality torrents are delivered and fake ones are removed automatically.


  1. com: It is also a small torrent site which has less than 0.5 million torrents.
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