List of Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016


Here, we have compiled a List of Top Programming Languages To Study in IT Sector Worldwide. These Programming Languages are in Demand for Software Development and Web Development positions by IT Employers.


1. Java

Top Programming Languages To Study

Java is no doubt the Highest Language in Demand by IT Employers Worldwide.According to TIOBE Index, Java has been ranked at 1st position worldwide in 2016. Java is an Object Oriented Language, Portable, Supports Multi-Paltforms and many other numerous features. You must Learn Java Language as it is one of the top programming languages to study in 2016 and will definitely land you a very good job with handsome salary packages. It is important to Refer Good Reference Books in Java To Understand Java Language in a better manner.


2. C#

Programming Languages To Study in 2015

C# is an Object Oriented Language developed by Microsoft. C# is also known as C Sharp. It is based on C++ and actually included features from Visual Basic and C++ Programming Languages. C Sharp Language helps in developing iOS Applications including Mobile Applications.It is primarily useful for iOS Application Development. iOS Developers are one of the Highly Paid Software Developers in IT Sector. C# is definitely one of the Top Priority Programming Languages To Study in 2016 if you want to land a good job.


3. JavaScript

Programming Languages To Study

JavaScript is a Dynamic Scripting Language. It is a High-Level Scripting Language. JavaScript is probably the Top Most Demanded Languages for Web Development. JavaScript was in great demand in 2015 due to boom in E-Commerce Sector suddenly. Still, it is one of the most sought after skills in Developers.JavaScript is in High Demand by Employers in India and USA.


4. C++

Programming Languages To Learn in 2016

C++Programming Language is a General Purpose Programming Language. C++ stands at 3rd Position in the List of Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016.  Employers are hunting C++ Developers for Software Development extensively. C++ is one of the Most Demand Object Oriented Language by IT Employers Worldwide.


5. PHP

Best Programming Languages To Study

PHP is primarily a Server-Side Programming Language. PHP is generally written with HTML and CSS Codes. It is basically a Web Development Language. However, it can be used as a General Purpose Programming Language. PHP has been emerging as a high preferred language for Websites and hence its demand is growing in IT Sector. It is recommended to have a good understanding about HTML, CSS and JavaScript before you start learning PHP.


6. Python

Python is a High-Level and an Interpreted Programming/Scripting Language. Python Language is used in Software Development and Web Development. Python is highly demanded by Employers these days and the pay scale for Python Developers is quite good as compared to other programming languages.Python is more specifically a Scripting Language. In 2015, Python was the Most Wanted Programming Language. However, it has slipped down this year. But it is a must to secure a good job.


7. C

Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016

C Language is a General-Purpose and a Middle Level Programming Language. According to TIOBE, C is at ranked at 2nd Position in Year 2016. C Programming Language is considered to be the Top Most Language Skill by the IT Employers. C Language is still being used for System Software Development, Graphics Drivers Development and many other tasks. C Language helps to create a good base for other High-Level Languages. You must Refer these C Programming Books To Learn C Programming Completely.



These Programming Languages should be definitely studied by Beginners To Get a Good Job. It is important to Refer Online as well as Offline materials to get a detailed understanding of the programming concepts. These Top Programming Languages To Study in 2016 also includes other languages such as HTML5, CSS3, Perl.


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