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What You Ought To Know To Make Highly Convertible Landing Pages ?

Give a Corporate Appearance to Your Website Designs
Written by Amit Sharma

Business owner: Are you looking for traffic on our website?

SEO: Yes!

Business Owner: To what end?

This is what you need to ask your search engine optimizer, as merely driving traffic is not enough!

In order to know that you are on the correct path, you need to have a map and a compass. With this I meant that before jumping into conversion rate optimization you need to make sure that you know what is a conversion rate and prime requisites for it.

Conversion rate is directly proportional to number of landing pages. Which implies that the chances of getting leads increases with the number of landing pages.

Dell has now a 1000 landing pages and this has led to increasing their conversion rate to 300% when tested landing pages against websites.

This is quite a common sense, now let us suppose that we have a website which has 10 odd landing pages let us suppose

1. Men's wear

2. Women's wear

3. Kid's wear

4. Accessories

5. Computer offerings

6. Home & Kitchen

7. Toy and kids product

8. Automotive

9. Recharge and payment of bills

10. Mobile and tablets

So, the chances of getting more conversion will automatically be higher than that of a website which has less to offer.

“Be really serious about your landing pages” - uttered by Tom Leung, who works for Google.

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Make your landing page worth giving a shot

The very obvious, yet very much overlooked fact is that the consumers must first be served with easy user interface so that easily sway through your website. Unless they are unable to operate your website easily how will they purchase or fill up your sign-up form. Obstacles encountered while using your website might prove to be quite pernicious, more than what you might have thought about.

User's behaviors is affected by slightest of the inconvenience caused and this is a startling fact, as we at times discard these steps to be trivial enough to pay heed.

Too much to assimilate

Caveat! What not to do

The picture : In this above example the picture fails to create an impact in fact, there is no picture at all which can make an imprint on the users mind.

Contrary to this we have: A lovely image backed with by power of figures which has the power of creating an an impact .

Hues are rued:

There is no accounting for aesthetics, but such a color scheme which is comprised of a hotchpotch of bright colors of shades of blue, orange, green, white and red are surely not making an impact out here. I believe that choosing a white background is not a sure shot way to make your color scheme look subtle and neither going monochrome will. You can go unfettered while choosing colors , but all you need to do is to properly mix and match.

Do not write a discourse:

Speak more with less is what you need to adopt while designing your landing pages. You can however, extend it to one paragraph, but save the lengthy discourse for case studies, white paper and blogs.

No one has the time to read all that!


· Facts and figures

· Visuals

· Bullet points

· Smart Arts

· Block diagrams

value: One thing which we can learn the most from infusionsoft, is the way they have portrayed their value in a very lucid and focused manner. The colors are too much yet they express in a vary eye catch manner.

Simple and crisp: The tag line ‘Keep your Leads Hot’ will certainly sweep away the users from their wit. It's cool, hot and effective at the very same time. Simple images also work well in order to convey the message.

For instance, you can take inspiration from the image shown below.

Do not intertwine your messages:

In the flow of designing or maybe the haste at times leads to create a contradictory statements on the landing pages which is not accepted. We, however fail to realize this that this mind ends up the users in confusion and in return they will choose to opt out.

Lagging the WOW! Factor :

Though there are a lot of factors which can benefit the users, but there is nothing which can make them say “WOW! This is what I need.” you can add the WOW factor by incorporating figures and facts just like the example shown below.

Do not just be impatient :

The page scores a boundary in the beginning, but as we advance the page seems to be a bit desperate to get leads as they have stuffed call to action everywhere

: ‘See how Infusionsoft can…”, “See how easy it is to…”, “Fill out the form to…” , “Nurture your lead with…” “Save time with…” ,“Build awareness and interest in…’”

Impatience kills!

Everyone who is online is there for selling their goods or services. All we want to is to reap in the benefits and get returns as soon as we could. If we had a choice, rather than designing landing pages we would only make a big call t action button.

Well! Willing or unwilling we need to accept the competition and we need to showcase what we got and what we can provide to our potential customers. This is how they can make a decision and choose yours from the multitudes of sellers selling online.

We rant and rave to be crisp and clear, but is it possible to make a sale by using 65 characters , moreover, when the a huge sum and reputation is at stake. I believe not.

The problem occurs not when you have some anticipation of getting results , but when you are desire big gains in short span of time. Moreover, it's not only the business owner who lags patience, but the prospects even. They are eager to crack a deal with the most credible and reasonable presenter easily. This is not what demands hasty decisions from your end.

You do not have to take this as a pressure and take big actions. Look into the psychology of those who are going to give their coin and hence they take small steps before investing in you. Before taking a culmination step they dig in and know in detail. They are active in their gestures, but they do not take action. This is why you need to give them small actions, which subsequently leads them towards a bigger goal which is what you both want. Do not be abrupt as you need to slowly and gradually make them follow you.

The Gory Details!

1. Start with the precept- Clarity first!

2. Stick to the purpose- interactiveness is must and hence you can be artistic while designing but not confusing

3. Do not try to step on more than one boat, stick to one direction. This will help you to carve a proper image on the user's mind

4. Make the user the controller of the interface.

5. Make your interactions direst

6. Make sure to show one action on a given screen and do not confuse the users with too many of them.

7. Secondary actions are not to be discarded, you can subtly place them, but with assigning lesser attention.

8. Do not let the users wonder where they are wandering.

9. Do not fail to match the purpose with looks. Design entities on your landing pages must look like the purpose they serve and must be coherent with entities of similar purpose.

10. Try to optimize your design and reach the most suitable one.

11. Pay heed to the main elements: copy writing, typography, graphic design, visuals and information

12. Properly utilize the interface.

13. The Interface must easy enough to be used by a tech novice as well.

14. Make the instructions easily available to the users.

15. Make a clear architecture to depict information and design the flow such that the users tends to go to the next screen.

16. Pick your colors with utmost care as they have potential to sell.

Author Biography:

Samuel Dawson is now following some certain functionalities and rules on writing best contents. Currently he is working for Designs2html Ltd-a best and effective psd to html company all over the globe. With his consistent approach he shared his valuable views on landing page design.

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