High converting landing pages are always a great benefit for any business. High conversion rates mean nothing but the more customers, and that means more profit for the firm.

So, Business main aim to keep landing pages is to capture their leads and make them feel better and later on grab them to take some deals through their sales funnels.

Now, most of the business, startups and website owners think

How to write landing pages that will boost their conversion?

If you are also looking at this question, then don’t worry I’ll just explain in a shorter form in this article.

Before diving into the theory of successful landing page, don’t forget to read my unbiased review on long tail pro.

Let’s continue to the article…..

What is landing page?

Before jumping into this article do you know about the landing page? If you don’t know then landing page is nothing but a web page which holds as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a blog or website.

Landing pages can be successful only when they are useful to your customers, which adds a need and provide a solution for frustrating questions, and also drive conversions.

Here, the most challenging part of landing is to get your audience to take action, whether it may be an email subscription, or buying a product or making use of your services, etc.

Now how to write a high-converting landing page which boosts your conversion. Can you do it?

If you think can you do it? Then the answer for it is very simple if you have good skills in writing, then you can defiantly do it.

Here what you need to make your high conversion landing page:

  • A robust and compelling headline which attracts your audience.
  • Professional Body Copy which makes users trust your words.
  • A Perfect Call to Action.
  • The Clean and bright landing page and it should be eye catching.

These are the few things which mainly required to make a high conversion landing pages, but along with these you also need to do some work to make it more interactive.

Start creating your landing page with the keyword research and make sure your keyword has good search presence.

If you want you can take help of the tools like SEMrush, long tail pro, and Google keyword planner to measure and do your keyword research.

Now, let’s jump into the first point.

Write a robust and efficient headline which attracts your audience:

Always, remember this crucial point because people don’t just come to your site if you are using regular titles these days.

Because people has no time to read all the articles which are produced by millions of individuals, instead people don’t want to waste their time in seeing ordinary articles.

People only wanted to see articles which are eye catching and titles which make them curious to click on and read.

So, a robust and eye-catching headline should grab your reader’s attention towards your landing page.

When it comes to landing pages always make sure you are following few practices:

  • Include an attractive terminology in the headline to make it interesting.
  • Include an interesting statistics to make in more compelling.
  • Make sure you grab their attention by answering an unsolved question (if in case you are answering any question)
  • Use Strong adjectives (ex: Powerful, Awesome, Quality, etc.) to make it look ravishing.
  • Try to make your audience curious by using powerful words.

Along with these, they are few more tips on writing catchy headlines. You can take advantage of this awesome article to write magnetic headlines by copy blogger.

Write Professional Body Copy which makes users trust your words

Your readers always find what’s useful on your page through your body content, so once they came in by seeing your headline. They will start looking at the body content.

So, make your body content more compelling and write in genuine. It’s always a best practice to write in a literal ton, don’t try to copy other writing and all. Just write what you think about in a crisp manner.

By using these tips you can make it awesome:

  • Start writing with a compelling introduction which makes your visitor curious to see the other words from you.
  • Start with a problem and write a solution for that.
  • Make a good promise and keep your promise while delivering your content.
  • Keep it up to a point, include additional answers only if they are required, and don’t just go out of the topic.
  • Try to state all the benefits if a reader sees your content.

These are few points where you can use to transform your body content to trustworthy content.

Make Best Call to Action to get results:

The Main purpose of the call to action is to convert your audience to take action. Your Call to Action is the main thing which prompts the reader to turn to take some action.

So, start your writing process by creating your call to action, so that from there you can direct the readers to take action.

Ex: if you want your audience to buy your eBook, then CTA “Limited time deal especially for you” or “Get 90% off” and so on….

You can make use of this insightful article about the call to action by HubSpot.

Make clean and bright landing page which is eye catching:

This is the most important point because landing pages should be easier to access when they are easier to access the visitors are who see are likely to return.

It’s quite evident that most of the people struggle to create an eye-catching design for their landing pages because people don’t have that grip on WordPress to design everything actually from scratch.

So, in this kind of cases its best to create your landing page with the easy to adapt content builder.

With the content builder, you can make the eye-catching landing pages from scratch very quickly.

So, it’s best practice to use the content builder for creating easy to navigate and professional landing pages.

I recommend thrive content builder because it was an amazing content builder who has powered many of the landing pages and improved conversions. If you want a detailed article about the Thrive Themes content builder review, then you can find it here.


With these above steps, you can make boost in your landing page conversion. If you have any queries feel free to comment. I’d love to hear from you.

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