If you are a 9 to 5er, you know how little window of time you have for your daily chores. Running daily errands like grocery shopping, house cleaning, taking children to school, baby-sitting, feeding pets or taking them out on a stroll, etc., takes time, which people don’t have these days.

Hiring a full-time housekeeper, who takes care of all these daily chores, is something not every working class household can afford. But the idea of having someone to help once in a while in getting your day-to-day tasks done is really appealing for people. And this fact is mirrored in the success of online on-demand service marketplaces like TaskRabbit, Thumbtack, Fiverr, etc.

What is an on-demand service marketplace?

An on-demand service marketplace connects people in need of getting some tasks done with people who have either time or required skills for it. In simpler words, it connects service-seekers with taskers. These on-demand service marketplaces not only help people in getting above-mentioned tasks done but also tasks that require professional help like plumbing, electrical repairs, moving, etc.

Ever since its introduction, the concept of on-demand service marketplace has been welcomed by people and professionals alike, and over the past few years it has gained impressive market penetration where the idea has been implemented.

What is YoGigs?

YoGigs is a readymade website script for starting an on-demand service marketplace website instantly and in comparatively less cost. India-based web agency FATbit Technologies developed YoGigs after realizing the rising trend of online on-demand service industry in American & European continents.

Let’s dig deeper to learn more about YoGigs, as well as acquire a better understanding of this emerging online industry.

Ecommerce Features

YoGigs gives the impression of being a pretty comprehensive system on the very first look. Apart from the basic task listing and professional search functionalities, there are many features in YoGigs that make it a pretty good readymade script for launching on-demand service marketplace. Here are some top-notch features that YoGigs offers:

  • Live Chat – for a seamless communication between service seekers and taskers
  • Bid management system – for a hassle-free appointment scheduling
  • Review system – to help service seekers find the ideal tasker as per their specific needs
  • Inbuilt multiple payment gateways that also offer a multiple-layered security

You can explore all these features in YoGigs’ live demo, which is available on this link.

User Experience

Besides offering all the rich features that leading players of this industry offer, YoGigs also provides a seamless user experience to all type of users on the platform, i.e. service seekers, taskers, as well as admin. The platform is built by following design convention and is based on material design, making it intuitive to use even for not so tech savvy users.


YoGigs comes under two pricing labels – Go Quick & Go Custom. The Go Quick package costs $499 and lets you launch an on-demand service marketplace website instantly with the default design. Under Go Custom package, you can get a completely unique design for your service marketplace as per your individual business goals & needs. The Go Custom package will cost you $4999.

Given the features and flexibility provided under both packages, buying either seems a pretty decent deal.


From features to user experience and pricing, YoGigs is a pretty good product to go ahead with if you are serious about launching an on-demand service marketplace. Although I am pretty sure that I would choose YoGigs over its competitors, yet I would suggest you to do a search on your end, review other platforms as well, and go ahead with the one you find most suitable.

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