Are You Looking For The Nexus Vs. HTC ONE!! Here Are The Competitive Advantages

Are You Looking Or The Nexus Vs
Written by Syed Qasim

Are You Looking Or The Nexus Vs

Every minute that is passing by is bringing an innovation in the field of the information technology especially in the case of the cell phones. Cell phones are taking great deals in the stream of the technical era. Every day you will be getting a new launch that triggers your mindset. And you go for the most latest and the advanced cell phone option. It is not necessary that we should always take this as the style statement or the luxurious style but there are specific crews that are into the latest trend followers and love keeping themselves up to the mark. On the other hand this is the reason of getting innovations in this domain! Here are few of the features that enables the trend lovers to decide on the two magnificent cell phones that are best in there specification.

Comparison of the Nexus 4 and the HTC One:

Though both the cell phones are best and are unique in their own manner and have the individuality  but there are features that makes one better than the other . This depends upon the user end as per their preferences.

1.      Size

Both are perfect in the size. Having the latest trend in the respect of the size that includes the screen size and the key sizes and the others. Both are sleek and slim! The perfect deal for the today’s market.

2.      Build

Both the intellectual cell phones, I must quote as the ‘intellectual asset’, has the great build. Both are exclusive in design. HTC One has aluminum uni body build. While the Nexus 4 has a firm construction of its own. The back end of the cell phone is made up of glass, while the edges are lined with a rubbery band to help you to hold the cell in a great grip. It is the perfect fit of the both the features.

3.      Weight

As far as the weight is concerned of both the remarkable innovative sets, it is pretty much close to each other. Both are light in weight. A user feels comfortable holding the sets.

4.      Display

The display sizes of both the sets are almost same. HTC one has 110 percent more pixels both measure 4.7” diagonally, but the One’s 1080p display is clear. On the other hand Nexus 4 has great display too. Its pixel density (318 PPI).

5.      Processor

Both of the cells are speed demons. Both have the fastest processor.

6.      RAM

The RAM size is 2 GB for both of the sets

Other than these features both the sets are great in all due features. Both are exclusive and meant for the change lovers.

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