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5 Best seo tips for beginners to apply in 2015

5 Best seo tips for beginners to apply in 2015
Written by Amit Sharma

5 Best seo tips for beginners to apply in 2015

5 Best seo tips for beginners to apply in 2015

If you are searching for the right steps to be taken for search engine optimization to start if you are going to seo for your very new websites. For getting successful results as higher ranking in search engines for targeted keywords you must try here recommended seo tips and tricks wisely and very seriously also.

1 – Choose a domain name wisely

If you want to perform better in search engines for the targeted keywords your domain must be related to your niche and it should have at least 1 word in it related to the mostly keywords.

Example РIf niche of your blog is related to seo and if your domain name has word any word related to the niche then ranking of your website is really easy. For Example РThere is one website name  РSEOAgra and they provide services related to their niches and we have seen this site is ranking at very higher position for targeted keywords.

2 – Properly On page optimized content

Applying all on page techniques like H1 , H2 tag, Image alt tag and highlight the main keywords using Bold, italic and underlined is really important for making web page seo friendly. In this way you can make your web page searchable for targeted keywords.

3 – Social Media Signals

Social media signals are really very important for the higher position in search engines so you must focus on top social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus and Pinterest, Linked in etc. You must share your every newly written blog post or created web pages in these top social media websites for getting more social signals also.

4 – Fast loading websites

Loading time of the websites is also an important part for ranking algorithms, More loading time means lower the rank and less loading time means higher ranking because search engines always take care for the users experience when they visit to the websites.

5 – Mobile Responsive designs

Because of the increase in the internet use on mobile phones and tablets importance of mobile friendly website structure is very important for making users experience better so your website can be opened easily from every where and on every device also.

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