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Google Releases ‘Experimental’ Public Transport App For Delhi, India

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

Internet Giant Google has finally released its Android Application that helps to simplify navigation for Public Transport in Delhi. Few weeks back, Google announced Free Wi-Fi facility for all the major Railway Stations across India. Now, it has released its technology for Public Transport system in Delhi. This Navigation Application from Google works with a combination of multiple Google Products such as Google Maps. The Google Navigation Android application basically is used for navigating Public Transport System in Delhi which includes DTC (Delhi Transport Corporation) and DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation). This application can be used for the following purposes: Schedules of Buses and Metros by Bus Number and Metro Lines Alerts and Notifications Routes Of Metros and Buses News Updates, Delays Directions to any Metro Station or Bus Stop Timetables for Buses and Metros This Android application is of less than 1 Mega Bytes and can be used on most of the Android compatible Smartphones. Such a less file size indicates that Google is definitely focusing on the core issues of the Indian Sub-Continent wherein people generally do not have access to free Wi-Fi and therefore, the Data Pack will be consumed less. This application supports DIMTS Orange Buses, DTC Bus, Gurgaon Rapid Metro and DMRC Metro currently. It supports Offline Mode wherein a user can save data and can save the routes and other details for reference. The above listed are some of the features and much more are to be updated for Metros and Buses in Delhi. Google is finally getting onto the Basic issues within Indian premises and trying to solve it out. This is just the start of Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi’s vision. There’s much more to come. There are other Android Applications which provide the same services in other Metro cities. One of the most famous application is M-Indicator which is currently used in Mumbai. It helps to get the Schedules, Alerts, Fares for Auto, Buses, Trains, Taxis, Ferries and much more. You can download the application using this link:


Top 5 Websites to buy Windows Mobiles Online in India

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

Top 5 Websites to buy Windows Mobiles Online in India Windows mobiles are in great demand these days. More and more users are enquiring about it on the counter. Keeping in view its multiple benefits, attractive designs and high end features, it’s not a big surprise, why people are running towards it. It comes with […]


Top 10 Resources for Android Developers

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

Top 10 Resources for Android Developers Google completed its annual developer conference otherwise known as the Google I/O last week. Now as many of the Android enthusiasts will probably know, I/O is the developer conference where Google shows off it’s latest and greatest from Android to Search and beyond! This time around, Google launched something […]


Why Ubuntu phone is going to be the next big thing

By Amit Sharma / a couple of years ago

Why Ubuntu phone is going to be the next big thing Ever since the launch of android, smartphone experience has never been the same. Smartphone vendors like Samsung and Sony made a huge leap forward causing the iPhone to lose its dominancy in the smartphone market all around the world. It has been quite a […]

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